Helpful Tips for Storing Your Pressure Washer

Helpful Tips for Storing Your Pressure Washer

Pressure washers are incredibly handy for cleaning everything from your car to your patio. Once you’ve finished using your pressure washer to blast away dirt and grime, you must store it properly. This will ensure your pressure washer remains in excellent working condition. Here are some helpful tips for storing your pressure washer and keeping it in top-notch condition for another year of use.

Avoid Extreme Hot and Cold Weather

The temperature of your storage area is a key consideration when storing your pressure washer. During hot weather, long periods of direct sunlight can cause your pressure washer to overheat, potentially damaging the pump and hoses. To avoid this, store your pressure washer in a cool, shaded area or use a cover to shield it from the sun.

In cold weather, water left in the pump can freeze, potentially causing cracks and damage. To prevent this, drain all the water from the machine before storing it. You can run the pressure washer with the spray wand until water stops coming out.

Check Your Storage Location

Choosing the right storage location is crucial to protect your pressure washer from the elements. If possible, store it in a dry and well-ventilated area away from direct exposure to rain or snow. A garage, shed, or dedicated storage space can be ideal.

It’s a good practice to place your pressure washer on a sturdy shelf or stand to keep it off the ground. Doing so prevents moisture from seeping into the machine and keeps it safe from accidental bumps or damage. A bad storage location could result in you spending money on pressure washer repair in Nashville, so follow our helpful tips for storing your pressure washer.

Follow a Checklist

There are two primary categories of pressure washers: gasoline and electric types. Here, we’ll walk through storage checklists for both.

Gasoline Pressure Washer

If you have a gasoline-powered pressure washer, keep it well maintained and ready for use. Here’s a gasoline pressure washer checklist you should follow to keep your machine working at its highest level.

  • Drain the fuel tank: Run the engine until the fuel runs out, or use a fuel stabilizer to prevent fuel degradation.
  • Change the oil: Replace the engine oil to prevent corrosion during storage.
  • Inspect hoses and fittings: Check for any damage or leaks and replace them if necessary.
  • Remove the spark plug: Apply a small amount of oil into the cylinder and pull the starter cord a few times to lubricate the internal components.
  • Store it upright: To prevent oil leakage, store your gasoline pressure washer in an upright position.

Electric Pressure Washer

While gas pressure washers require more maintenance, your electric pressure washer still requires consistent upkeep. Here are the most important tasks for you to complete on our electric pressure washer checklist.

  • Unplug and clean: Disconnect the power cord and clean the unit, removing any dirt or debris.
  • Store indoors: You should store your electric pressure washer indoors to protect it from moisture and extreme weather.
  • Coil the power cord: Wrap the power cord neatly to avoid tangling or damage.
  • Cover it up: Use a dust cover or tarp to protect your electric pressure washer from dust and moisture.

Following these helpful tips will ensure that your pressure washer stays in top-notch condition, ready to tackle your next outdoor cleaning project. If you want to buy pressure washer equipment or need maintenance services, our team at Cougar Chemical is ready to help. Contact us today to learn more about our custom-built cleaning equipment for commercial and residential customers.

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