Hawaiian Trucks

The Challenge

Palm Island is a real estate management company that maintains military housing in Hawaii.  They were in need of cleaning equipment to maintain the housing.  The areas are confined so using a trailer mounted pressure washing system was not practical.  Palm Island was in the market for 9 truck mounted pressure washing systems.  The system had to be able to accommodate 2 people working at the same time.  They needed to be able to wash siding and sidewalks.  When Harvey went looking for industrial machines, he could not find a company to build the system that he was looking for but he did find Cougar Chemical.

The Process

When Harvey called, I listened to his needs and we settled on the equipment that would do the job.  We chose the Landa High Flow Series pressure washers that put out 6 Gallons per Minute at 3000 psi.  2 machines per truck would keep 2 operators busy and they would have power to spare.  We fed the 2 machines with a 500 gallon tank that could be filled with a garden hose or a hydrant.  We had to keep the system compact.  Harvey needed the truck to maneuver in small parking lots and the truck had to fit into a container to be shipped to Hawaii.  I provided a sketch of the equipment layout and a quote for the perfect solution.

The Solution

Harvey sourced commercial truck leases from Enterprise.  Enterprise was able to coordinate the delivery of the trucks to Reading Truck who would install the truck beds and pressure washing equipment.  

While the trucks were on order, at Cougar, we got busy.  We ordered enough equipment to create a mock up of how the equipment would lay out in our Memphis headquarters.  We had to create installation instructions for the crew over at Reading.  

We taped off the perimeter of the truck bed and accounted for every nut, bolt and piece of equipment that would be required for assembly in Michigan.  Cougar coordinated with several vendors and supplies to ensure the installation crew at Reading had everything they needed.  Cougar supplied a detailed installation manual that better then the instructions you get from Ikea Furniture.

The Result

9 brand new Dodge dually trucks outfitted with Landa High Flow pressure washers, 500 gallon low profile tanks and Hannay reels were loaded on containers to be railed from Michigan to California to be put on a boat to Hawaii.  This serious bit of kit will have no problems keeping the housing units looking good for years to come.  

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