Equipment Needed for Starting a Car Detailing Business

Equipment Needed for Starting a Car Detailing Business

The car detailing business is a good business. As long as automobiles are a thing, there will always be drivers and car enthusiasts who want to maintain and protect their vehicles. If you’re thinking of tapping into this market, it’s a smart move. But you need to come into it prepared. Here’s a list of the equipment needed for starting a car detailing business.

Pressure Washer

First on the list, you need a pressure washer. It’s the first line of defense when it comes to detailed and standard car washes. It removes most of the dirt and grime before you tackle specific areas with a sponge, brush, mitts, and detailing towels.

You can also use the pressure washer for interior purposes. Remove the floor mats from the vehicle and use the pressure washer to clean them. All the foot traffic and dirt from outside gets caked on those mats easily.

Shampoo & Detailing Chemicals

You’ll need professional shampoos and detailing chemicals for every car interior. Don’t make the mistake of thinking any type of soap will get the job done.

Manufacturers and automotive experts designed these chemicals for this exact purpose. The materials are soft and add a protective layer to keep vehicle interiors clean for an extended period. It saves the driver the trouble of needing to get their vehicle detailed every week.


Degreasers go a long way. You’ll need to apply this chemical to the places that generate the most grease. Apply an even layer and let it soak in to break down the grease.

Use the degreaser before cleaning with the other solutions. Clean the engine and show your customers that their vehicle is fresh, inside and out.

Shop Vacuum

After thoroughly cleaning the inside, you’ll need to vacuum the space to help dry and remove any leftover debris or dust inside the vehicle. You may need to repeatedly vacuum the interior, from top to bottom, to ensure it’s clean and dry.

Get a commercial-grade shop vacuum that’s easy to maneuver. It needs to be powerful enough to hold a lot of items and have strong suctioning. Make sure the attachments allow you to reach crevices easily.

Waxes & Sealants

Finally, you need waxes and sealants. Your customer’s car needs to shine once it comes off the lot. The waxes and sealants add a nice glow and protect the exterior.

Everyone wants to see a mirror-like finish on their cars after a professional detailing service. Give them the feel of a new car again. We’ve got car detailing equipment for sale for the best pros.

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