Dos and Don’ts of Leather Car Seat Cleaning

Dos and Don’ts of Leather Car Seat Cleaning

Leather car seats are a luxury. There’s nothing better than feeling fine plush leather against your back as you cruise the streets. Over time, though, those seats can endure severe wear and tear.

If you fail to clean and maintain your leather car seats, then cracks will form. Before you know it, that comfortable ride will start to feel more like a chore. Check out these dos and don’ts of leather car seat cleaning.

Don’t Assume Anything

If you didn’t design and build the car, you don’t know too much about it besides the stats you read from the booklet. Find out what type of leather seats your car has before you start cleaning them.

You can’t use the same leather cleaner you use on your dining room seats for your car seats. After you figure out what leather you’re working with, you’ll know what chemicals to buy and how to treat the seats.

Do Perform a Spot Check

Do a spot check before you go all out with the spray and chemical cleaner. Don’t spray the entire seat and start cleaning immediately. Spray one small section, preferably a hidden one.

It would be tragic for your seats to have a bad reaction to the cleaner. See how your seats react before you start to cover the rest of the car’s interior.

Don’t Scrub the Seats

Scrubbing leather is a universal no. You don’t scrub leather shoes, so you want to treat your seats the same way. For obvious reasons, scrubbing can result in torn leather and force you to replace the seating completely.

Don’t use a scrubber on the seats. Also, be mindful of the pressure you use to clean them. Don’t press your nails into the cloth. Have a cleaner strong enough to clean the seats without stripping away the color.

Do Use the Proper Materials

As previously stated, you don’t want to use a scrubber. When it comes to leather seats, it’s best to use a microfiber cloth. It’s gentle enough to cater to your seats while cleaning them fully. You also want to purchase a cleaner that specifically suits your seats.

At Cougar Chemical, we have all the supplies you’ll need to clean your vehicle’s leather seats. Consider buying our car detailing products online to save yourself the trouble of shopping around.

Don’t Let It Air Dry

Letting your seat air dry is probably the worst thing you can do. You’ll return to your car, and it won’t even look like you cleaned it. You’ll see dried water spots and leftover cleaning residue.

Have a dry cloth close by to wipe down your seats after cleaning them extensively. Massage your seats thoroughly like they’ve had a long day at work.

The leather seats in your car will look as good as new after you follow these dos and don’ts for cleaning them. We have the best tips at Cougar Chemical for car detailing. For more information, visit our website.

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