Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using Floor Scrubbers

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Using Floor Scrubbers

Floor scrubbers are essential for keeping large commercial spaces clean, from industrial warehouses and automotive repair shops to shopping centers and schools. Using a floor scrubber isn’t an overly difficult task with the right training. However, to achieve the best cleaning results and prolong the life of your equipment, you should know the common mistakes to avoid when using floor scrubbers.

Knowing how to avoid these mistakes will save you time, reduce costs, and improve the efficiency of your cleaning processes. Keep reading to learn why floor scrubbers are in high demand and why your business should consider investing in one. You’ll also uncover the top ten mistakes to avoid when operating this valuable cleaning equipment.

What Is a Floor Scrubber?

A professional cleaner in a white T-shirt and blue overalls is using an electric floor scrubber in a commercial building lobby.

A floor scrubber is a cleaning device designed to clean large floor areas efficiently and effectively. Unlike traditional methods such as using mops and buckets, a floor scrubber automates the process, scrubbing away dirt and grime while simultaneously sucking up the dirty water, leaving the floor clean and nearly dry.

These machines come in various types, including walk-behind, ride-on, and stand-on models, to suit different needs and preferences. Cougar Chemical has the right floor-scrubbing machine for your business. Contact us today for assistance!

Why Are Floor Scrubbers So Popular?

The popularity of floor scrubbers stems from their ability to clean large areas quickly and effectively. Their automated scrubbing and suction mechanisms make them ideal for environments where hygiene is paramount, such as hospitals, airports, and food processing plants.

Furthermore, floor scrubbers reduce the physical strain on employees, lowering the risk of slips and falls. They also contribute to a higher standard of cleanliness that many industries require out of necessity.

Find the Right Floor Scrubber for Your Needs

Given the different types and features available, choosing the right floor scrubber may initially seem overwhelming. The first step is to assess the type of floors you need to clean. For example, surfaces like tile, concrete, epoxy, or carpet require different types of brushes and scrubbers.

You should always consider the area size and frequency of cleaning as well. Smaller spaces might benefit from a more compact, walk-behind model, while larger areas often require ride-on scrubbers for efficiency.

If you need help choosing a floor scrubbing machine for your business, let the experts at Cougar Chemical offer you some guidance. We’ll direct you to a top-of-the-line machine that suits your needs and preferences.

Floor Scrubber Mistakes You’ll Want To Avoid at All Costs

Using a floor scrubber improperly can lead to several issues, from inadequate cleaning to costly repairs. Here’s a comprehensive guide highlighting the most common mistakes to avoid when using these machines.

Using an Indoor Scrubber in an Outdoor Location (and Vice Versa)

Indoor and outdoor floor scrubbers have different features and handle varying terrain and levels of dirt. Using an indoor floor scrubber outdoors can damage its components, as the manufacturer didn't design it to handle the rougher surfaces or larger debris typically found outside.

Conversely, using an outdoor scrubber indoors may result in excessive scrubbing, which can damage less-hardy indoor surfaces. Always ensure you’re using the appropriate machine for your specific environment.

Buying a Floor Scrubber Without Considering Your Floor Type

Every floor scrubber isn’t created equal, and not all work well with every floor type. Using the wrong kind of scrubber on certain floors can result in significant damage.

For instance, a hard bristle is too aggressive for polished floors, while a soft bristle might not effectively clean surfaces commonly found in commercial garages and industrial spaces. Assess your floor type and choose a scrubber designed specifically for that material.

Buying a Low-Quality Chemical Cleaner

A floor scrubber cleans and polishes a stone floor using a high-quality, manufacturer-recommended chemical cleaning solution.

The effectiveness of your floor scrubber also depends on the quality of the cleaning chemicals used. Low-quality or inappropriate chemicals can provide inadequate cleaning results and damage the machine over time. Always use high-quality, manufacturer-recommended cleaners to help your floors and cleaning equipment remain in top condition.

Failing To Take Proper Measurements Before Purchasing

Size matters, especially when you’re purchasing a floor scrubber. Before purchasing, always take detailed measurements of doorways, aisles, and any obstacles in the areas you plan to clean.

A machine that’s too large won’t navigate tight spaces effectively, leading to inefficiency and frustration. A scrubber that’s too small might take longer to clean larger areas, negating the efficiency of having an automated cleaning solution.

Not Following Proper Maintenance Procedures

Proper maintenance is crucial for maximizing the longevity and effectiveness of your floor scrubber. Neglecting regular maintenance, such as checking and replacing brushes or pads, can lead to inefficient cleaning and potential machine breakdowns.

Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for routine checks and servicing. Keep a maintenance log to ensure your employees perform the necessary tasks consistently.

Not Considering the Price of Replacement Parts and Repairs

The initial cost of a floor scrubber is just one part of the total expense. Replacement parts and repairs can quickly add up, especially if you need specialized components that are costly or difficult to source.

Always research the availability and price of replacement parts before making a purchase. This knowledge can help you budget more accurately and avoid surprises later.

Buying the Wrong Batteries for Your Floor Scrubber

Many floor scrubbers run on batteries, making them more versatile and easier to use in larger spaces without the hassle of cords and outlets. However, not all batteries are the same. Using the wrong type can lead to reduced performance and increased downtime.

Always check the manufacturer’s recommendations for battery type and capacity. Regularly check battery health and charge them before use to avoid interruptions during cleaning.

The Floor Scrubber Isn’t Picking Up or Putting Down Water

A common issue users encounter is their floor scrubber not picking up or putting down water efficiently. This problem might be due to clogged or damaged components within the machine.

To maintain proper water flow, regularly inspect and clean the squeegees, brushes, and tanks. Clogged filters and leaks can also cause water management problems, so keep an eye on these areas.

Cougar Chemical: Your One-Stop Shop for Auto and Industrial Cleaning

Partnering with a reliable supplier is crucial when investing in a floor scrubber. Cougar Chemical offers a wide range of high-quality cleaning equipment to meet your diverse needs.

Cougar Chemical has products that deliver exceptional performance and durability, whether you need a specialized floor scrubber, commercial car cleaning equipment, or industrial-strength cleaning solutions and disinfectants. Choosing dependable products will make your cleaning processes more efficient, affordable, and manageable.

Understanding these common mistakes to avoid when using floor scrubbers can improve your business’s cleaning processes and prolong your equipment’s life span. Always ensure you have the right machine, follow proper maintenance protocols, and invest in quality products. Following our advice will allow you to focus on what matters most—maintaining a clean and safe environment for your customers, employees, and equipment.

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