Bug Off

Bug Off

We are outnumbered but we can’t live without them, Insects out-number humans approximately 200 million to one or 300lbs of insects to every lb of humans on planet earth. Insect, commonly referred to as bugs, are a necessity for our eco system. They cycle nutrients, pollinate plants, disperse seeds, maintain soil structure and fertility, control populations of other organisms, and provide a major food source for other taxa. They also have an exoskeleton that contain, enzymes, acids, pheromones, and microbial matter that when squished makes a sticky, chemically aggressive concoction. This complex chemistry makes bugs especially hard to remove. When these juicy guys hit your cars surface at highway speeds they splatter and begin to breakdown your cars clear coat and finish. They dry quickly and become impregnated in your cars surface, and if left unattended long enough, destroy your paint. So next time you hear that splat, know the clock is ticking on damage control.

Here is your best practice to arm and protect your cars finish during bug season.


Ceramic Coating- Ceramic coatings are harder than your cars clear coat and are inert to the chemical composition of bug guts-Moderate application level

Wax-Mild application level

Bug Guard-Easy application level


Bug Remover-apply bug remover to soften the bug guts so they rinse off without taking your cars finish with them.

Add 2 oz of the bug remover to your windshield wash solution reservoir to help your windshield wipers and solution more effectively remove said varmint guts.

Cary a spray bottle of bug remover just like you would insect repellant to apply when you’re washing the windshield at the gas station. Apply a little presoak while your pumping gas and the window cleaner and squeegee at the pump will work like magic.


Be sure to wipe down your car with waterless car wash and clay with a ceramic detail spray after you get all the bugs off to keep your cars surface super slick. This will not only help bugs to not stick, but will also make the ones that do stick, come off easier. It might even give you less wind resistance and help with your fuel economy, but that’s for another blog.

Remember to Love God and Love Others.

Have a Cougariffic day

Billy Fields

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