A Quick Guide to Setting Prices for Your Detailing Business

A Quick Guide to Setting Prices for Your Detailing Business

Owning a detailing service is a good business move. As long as automobiles remain popular, you’ll have a steady clientele. People love their cars, and they want to ensure they treat and handle them with the proper care. But they also want to get a fair price for any necessary repairs. This market is competitive, which is why it can be beneficial to reference this quick guide to setting prices for your detailing business.

Choose Between Hourly and Flat Rates

When it comes to detailing cars, you can choose between an hourly rate or flat rate. An hourly rate will correspond with the quality of work you put out and the current market that you’re in. If you know you’ll have more than one person working to detail any particular car, you need to charge a rate that will cover their services equally.

A flat rate is based on what you know the full detail of that car will entail. Charging a full wash and wax for a 2007 Subaru might look different from a full wash and wax for a 2010 Chevy. But that flat rate you’ve applied will work as the standard for all services. You can’t charge more than what you originally quoted just because you see there is more work.

Know the Market

It’s always a good idea to know your market. All services charge differently; some charge by the hour, and others does a flat rate. Find out what the common rate is for each service and compare those prices to the frequent number of customers who require these services.

You want to base your prices on current demand and what you’re financially capable of handling. Don’t make these prices too low just because you want to appeal to customers. Customers might be reluctant to go somewhere extremely cheap because they believe the price directly correlates to the quality of work they’ll receive.

Consider Your Supplies

Remember that your business stays afloat because of the supplies and services you provide. When you set your prices, you need to consider the supplies you need to order to stay in business.

You don’t want to start cutting corners and looking for a cheaper way out. Cheap products won’t be as effective, and car owners will notice that the detailed service you provided was not as pristine as promised. Make sure your prices can cover the cost of all your supplies and materials.

At Chemical Cougar, we’ve got car detailing supplies in Nashville, TN, that will always satisfy your customers. We’re not here to steer you wrong when it comes to your business. We’re always trying to help. Use this quick guide to help set prices for your detailing business, and shop with us today.

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