4 Ways To Protect Your Car From the Sun and Heat

4 Ways To Protect Your Car From the Sun and Heat

Drivers know how important it is to keep their cars in good shape, so they often focus on the vehicle’s performance and routine maintenance. Appearance and comfort are other big aspects to consider. No one enjoys sitting in a hot car, even if the AC is blasting. Check out these four ways to protect your car from the sun and heat.

Find the Shade

This is the oldest trick in the book—park your car in the shade! Stationing your vehicle directly under the sun’s hot rays can accelerate sun damage to the interior and exterior. Starting a car baking in the sun is an unpleasant experience for everyone.

The UV rays can also damage the electrical system and cause fading on the dashboard, steering wheel, seats, and gear shifter. While it can be difficult to find shade in urban or commercial places like strip malls and grocery stores, you likely won’t be there for a long time. When parking your car outside your home, find a shaded area if you don’t have a garage.

Install Shield Protectors

Windshield protectors are the next best thing if you can’t find a shaded parking spot. The front windows of your car get the most sunlight, and this causes the dashboard to fade over time. Install a tinted protector on your windshield or invest in a windshield protector.

The protector drastically reduces the amount of sunlight streaming into your car. It also keeps the interior from becoming too hot in warm climates.

Get a Wax

Live by the wax-on and wax-off philosophy, just like Mr. Miyagi would have wanted. Your car needs a wax job because just cleaning it often won’t cut it. Get a wax at least twice a year to protect your vehicle’s paint job. The wax acts as a protective layer and minimizes UV ray damage.

If you want to find a more permanent solution, go for a ceramic coating! You can choose a semi-permanent or permanent coating. This nanoscopic paint treatment cures to form a hard layer over the vehicle’s original paint job.

Wash & Dry Regularly

You can never go wrong with a regularly scheduled wash and dry. Drivers sometimes underestimate the benefits of washing their cars on a regular basis. However, the suds do a lot more than make a vehicle sparkle and shine.

If you allow debris from the road to fester on your car, it can react with the sunlight and crack your car’s paint job. Dead bugs on the exterior decompose and release toxic acids on the surface, also ruining the paint. Use car cleaning products from Cougar Chemical to wash and dry your vehicle and protect the exterior.

At Cougar Chemical, protecting cars from sun and heat and keeping the beautiful is our specialty. Visit our website for more information on caring for your vehicle!

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