3 Tips for Maintaining Your Vehicle After a Ceramic Coating

3 Tips for Maintaining Your Vehicle After a Ceramic Coating

Any serious car enthusiast knows about the benefits of ceramic coating. It depends on the vehicle, and the protection looks different on each one. You can’t expect the coating to do all the work, so you need to do some additional tasks to preserve the beauty of your vehicle. Here are three tips for maintaining your vehicle after a ceramic coating.

Avoid Automated Washes

No matter how easy they may seem or how many you pass on the street, don’t approach them. Automated car washes are not your friend, and any serious car enthusiast knows that. The machines that get your vehicle out in record time can do more damage than you think.

The process of an automated car wash service scrapes the ceramic coating applied to your vehicle. If you start to notice unexplained scratches on the roof or side of your car, they may have come from your car wash service. Stick with hand washing because it’s a much more delicate process.

Wash in Low Lighting

If, at any point, you want to wash the vehicle yourself, make sure you do it under low lighting. Washing your car when the sun is high in the sky may dry it faster, but that’s not always a good thing. Fast drying leads to water spots and streaks.

Hand wash your vehicle on a cloudy day, in the early morning, or the evening. These are the best times for washing, as the low light will preserve the ceramic coating. Streaks and water spots won’t mix well with the coating and could cause the coat or paint job to fade.

Never Cross-Contaminate

Never cross-contaminate the cleaning products. Keep the chemicals and the supplies separate any time you’re applying product to the vehicle. Shop with a car detailing supplier, like Cougar Chemical, to get all the supplies you need.

We suggest keeping the detergents, microfiber cloth, wash mitt, and buckets separate. Never dry your vehicle with the same things you use to clean it. The coating needs to protect the vehicle and act as a shield, but the cross-contamination won’t mix well with the coating and could cause deterioration.

Maintaining your vehicle after a ceramic coating is just one responsibility car owners need to worry about. Look out for more tips on other car-owning responsibilities. For more information, visit our website.

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