3 Tips for Effectively Pressure Washing Building Siding

3 Tips for Effectively Pressure Washing Building Siding

Owning property keeps you busy because of all the responsibilities you juggle. Sometimes, things fall through the cracks, like the outdoor maintenance. While you put so much focus into the interior of the building, you neglect to monitor issues on the exterior.

For instance, you may notice the side of the building needs some washing. Depending on the height of your property, you need to account for a few different elements when attempting to pressure wash the building side effectively. Follow these tips to make the process more accessible.

Use Pressure Washer Detergent

Don’t assume the power of your pressure washer alone will clean the entire building. Water can only do so much, and you want to ensure your property is spotless. Pressure washing chemicals remove stubborn stains and work their way into complex spaces.

Most pressure washers come with an injector to mix cleaning solutions into the jet stream. Soap and water works wonders on your dishes and clothes, so imagine what it can do for your building.

Start From a Distance

The name “pressure washer” implies you’ll have to deal with some torque. The water from this machine doesn’t spray out like a regular hose. You don’t want to break a window, so start from a distance using the low-pressure spray. Attacking your building at full blast could cause you to lose control and damage the structure. Spraying an excessive amount of water onto your building can create mold. Hold the wand at least five feet from the surface and keep it at an angle. Move closer if the job calls for it.

Rinse the Side Clean

Remove all dirt, grime, and soap from the sides. You don’t want to leave any leftover residue on your building because it may damage the exterior. Be careful not to spray the water into any vents or lighting fixtures.

Let the detergent work its magic for about five to ten minutes before rinsing it off. Start from the top and work your way down to ensure the entire area is soap-free.

Keep your washer in working condition and do regular maintenance. At Cougar Chemical, we offer pressure washer repairs in Nashville. Our motto is if you bought your cleaning equipment from us, we can fix it! For more information or additional tips on pressure washing your buildings, visit our website.

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