3 Mistakes To Avoid When Detailing Your Car’s Exterior

3 Mistakes To Avoid When Detailing Your Car’s Exterior

Detailing your car at home doesn’t mean you can’t get the high-quality professional results you want. With every new project, you can learn from your mistakes, but sometimes avoiding the mistakes altogether makes for a better experience. Those new to car maintenance should know the three mistakes to avoid when detailing your car’s exterior.

Washing Under Direct Sunlight

Have you ever wondered why professionals never leave your car in the sun when detailing it and instead keep it in an enclosed space? Washing your vehicle under sunlight might sound like a good idea, but you should avoid it.

The sunlight tends to cause swirl marks and water spots on your car. Try to find a cool and shaded area this summer to perform the detailing process.

Cleaning From Top to Bottom

Most car owners start from the top of the vehicle and leave the wheels for last. Detailing experts always start with the wheels and then work their way up.

The wheels are the dirtiest part, and if you clean them last, you risk splashing dirt and grime from the wheels onto the already clean areas. If you don’t clean the brake dust and mud efficiently, it can erode your tire’s rim.

Using the Wrong Products

There are a lot of cleaning products to choose from today. It is vital to select good-quality products to get the job done. Buying car detailing products online helps you achieve the professional results you want.

DIYers often make the mistake of using products designed for specific purposes on the entire vehicle. Avoid using acid cleaners on your car’s framework. This cleaner will remove the car’s clear coat and leave the car looking unpolished, scratched, and faded.

Don’t use regular soap to clean your car either. Dish soap will not remove sticky tar and other substances from the car’s framework. The dish soap can strip your car’s wax and sealant, destroying the paint job. Lastly, avoid sponges because they gather dirt between them and the car’s paint.

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