Watermaze 1.103-423.0 Automated Water Recycle 460 Volt 8 AMP CLP-5024C

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The CLP-7034 and 5024 are the standard models of the automated wash-water recycling systems. They are totally automated using a digital sequencer to monitor and control the filtering, recirculating, filter backwashing and sludge dumping functions.

  • Extra quantities of media including gravel, sand, anthracite and garnet
  • 185 - 490 sq. ft. of cone-shaped coalescing plates for optimum separation of oil and solids from wash water
  • Industrial-grade ozone generator
  • Convenient, mess-free method of disposing of sludge from the system
  • Up to 320 lbs. of auto "backwashable" degassed, virgin activated carbon



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