Rinsefree Wash & Wax Pint

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Rinsefree Wash & Wax...Rinsing Not Required!

Cougar Chemical Rinsefree Wash & Wax is a revolutionary car washing product that allows you to safely and effectively wash your car without having to rinse your car wash soap off after washing. This not only saves you time by removing an entire step while detailing your vehicle, but also conserves water and allows you to wash when water isn't readily available. It's the perfect product for our enthusiasts who want to wash their car in the garage during the hot summer days or cold winter months, the car owners who live in apartment complexes, condos, town homes, and government housing where sometimes getting close to a water source is near impossible without wasting time, money, and energy going to the car wash, and all of our enthusiasts in the midwest who have seasonal water restrictions and neighbors that stare when they try to keep their baby clean during those hot summer months. Rinsefree Wash & Wax has been formulated to be VOC compliant, environmentally friendly and safe for all vehicle finishes. The technology that drives this product is it's ability to safely lift contaminants off your vehicle's surface and separate them by a protective barrier while they are removed by your sponge or microfiber wash mitt. Once you've cleaned a panel or area, simply dry it with a microfiber drying towel and your done. No haze, no water spots, just clean glimmering paintwork and finish. This product also works in direct sunlight. Rinsefree Wash & Wax can also be used as an effective clay lubricant. Just dilute the product correctly for claying in a spray bottle and you can clay away!

Directions for Use:

Dilute 1 ounce of Rinsefree Wash & Wax per gallon of water.

For use as a clay lubricant Rinsefree Wash & Wax should be diluted 1 ounce per quart.

For use as a clay towel lubricant Rinsefree Wash & Wax can be diluted to 4 ounces per gallon.


- Add appropriate amount of Rinsefree Wash & Wax in wash bucket.
- Add appropriate amount of water in wash bucket.
- Soak a sponge or microfiber wash mitt with car wash.
- Gently wash away soils and contaminants on vehicle’s finish.

- Repeat until vehicle is cleaned.


The two bucket wash method and grit guards are highly recommended when washing with Cougar Rinsefree Wash & Wax for scratch free results. Ensure to use light pressure while washing away contaminents. Let the product and mitt or sponge do the work, not hard pressure.



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