Powerboss Nautilus Sweeper Scrubber

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Powerboss Nautilus Sweeper Scrubber

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Powerboss has developed the Nautilus Sweeper Scrubber to bring performance to a whole new level. Hydraulically ran scrubbing motors offer 425 rpm brush speeds with 200, 300, or even up to an impressive 400 lbs of down pressure allowing the machine to easily rip build up right off the floor being cleaned. This ensures operators only have to make one pass while scrubbing facilities getting the maximum ROI and performance out of their Powerboss Nautilus.

The Powerboss Nautilus offers a 45" main broom brush path making this machine capable of cleaning 50 thousand square feet per hour based on normal operating scrubbing operating speeds.

Combined sweeping scrubbing action allows the Nautilus to make effortless cleaning of facilities where floors easily pick up debris and pre sweeping would be a lengthy or man power consuming process. The convenient hopper design catches larger debris and can easily be removed when the squeegee assembly is tilted up out of the way. It has a stainless steel caster rolling design adding to the convenience and user-ability of the Nautilus.

Powerboss ensures to not only use stainless steel for the hopper but on the main deck and all major components near the scrubbing process. Stainless steel unlike powder coated steel offered by most other brands is much less suceptable to corrosion and will increase the life and durability of your machine.

The Nautilus's high capacity 100 gallon solution and recovery tanks allow operators to run the machine for two hours before requiring dumping and refilling and the machine features quick scrub mode allowing the operator to simply turn all the necessary components to run the machine with the press of one button.



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