Maintainer Sealer

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Maintainer Sealer...Synthetic Doesn't Get Any Better!

Cougar Chemical Maintainer Sealer offers you the protection of a synthetic sealant in an easy to use quick spray and wipe off formula. Our synthetic formula can be used to quickly clean or enhance the gloss of your automotive paint and can be used in direct sunlight. Because of it's synthetic formulation, Maintainer Sealer can be used on plastic, rubber, and vinyl trim along side of your automotive paint giving your entire vehicle the protection it needs and yet won't turn plastics white like carnauba products. Maintainer Sealer was added to our PTP collection to be used as your synthetic maintenance cycle finish and works hand in hand with PTP Finishing Sealer. Maintainer Sealer bonds to your sealant finish and adds additional protection and gloss. Want protection and shine that lasts, use PTP Maintainer Sealer!

Directions for Use:
This product is ready to use. Don't add water.

Shake well before using.

Spray directly on automotive paint. Work one panel at a time.

Gently wipe off and spread with clean microfiber towel.



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