Instant Wash

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Instant Wash...Never Wait Again!

Cougar Chemical Instant Wash is our go to product for all of our full hearted detailing enthusiasts. This product is for the guys and gals who cringe when a bird drops a load on their freshly wax car's exterior and need something too quickly fix it. It's for the boys and girls who can't stand to have the mud splatter from a pothole sitting on their freshly finished rims and side walls. It's instant, it's easy, it's safe! Our advanced formulation easily lifts soils and contaminants from your vehicle's finish so you can safely wash them away without damaging your finish or scratching your car's paint when properly combined with a microfiber cleaning towel. Sometimes it makes sense to keep the bucket and garden hose hanging up, for those times use Cougar's Instant Wash!

Directions for Use:
This product is ready to use. Don't add water.

Shake well before using.

Spray directly on surface needing to be cleaned.

Gently wipe off with clean, soft microfiber towel or detail towel.



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