High Gloss Tire Shine

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High Gloss Tire Shine...The Longest Lasting Shine Period!

Cougar PTP High Gloss Tire Shine is the longest lasting high gloss tire shine to hit our shelves. PTP High Gloss will give your tires that eye popping deep wet look they deserve and it will stay there. PTP High Gloss will bring your definition of long lasting to a whole new level while it's water resistant formulation goes on and on. High Gloss can also be used to dress other exterior surfaces such as vinyl and rubber to bring back that new lustrous look.

Directions for Use:
This product is ready to use. Don't add water.

Shake well before using.

Spray directly on tires or trim or spray onto applicator and then rub on.

Remove excess from cracks, crevices, and lettering to avoid sling with a clean lint free towel.



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