Aqua Rocket Turbo Nozzle

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The Aqua-Rocket™ blasts a 0º water jet at 1500-4000 PSI, while rotating at an optimal speed to form a 22º cone-shaped spray pattern ideal for industrial cleaning applications.

The Aqua-Rocket is made from stainless and tungsten carbide parts unlike traditional ceramic and plastic coated turbo nozzle parts making it the longest lasting and most durable turbo nozzle on the market. It also features a water inlet filter keeping it from getting clogged from small debris that might come from your water source.

The Aqua Rocket can be sprayed upside down and not get hung up. If you want a turbo nozzle that can get dropped, thrown, tossed, smacked and straight out worked hard and keep spraying with the strongest spray on the market then this is it.

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