Aqua Glow Spray Wax

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Aqua Glow may be the best automotive spray wax ever.  Whether you’re searching for the best spray wax for just-rinsed cars or a spray to use on dry vehicles, Aqua Glow Spray Wax is for you. Aqua Glow is designed with Cougar Chemical’s signature formula to combine both drying and protection into one step. Simply spray Aqua Glow on a wet or dry (and clean) surface and buff it to a high-gloss finish. It won't streak even with a terry cloth towel!

When it’s time to buy new car spray wax polish, look no further than Cougar Chemical and our signature Aqua Glow Spray Wax for sale. Safe for glass and trim too, this biodegradable wax provides up to four months of protection! That means you’ll only have to wax your car three times per year. Shop now for the best auto detailing spray wax, available in quart or gallon size.

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