Cougar 200 Detail Skid

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This is the perfect set up to start your own building maintenance business.  Cougar's Detail 200 Skid offers you the power required to get those bigger jobs done. This unit will slide in the back of most standard pickups, vans, or flat bed trailers.  The 200 gallon water holding tank gives you extended pressure washing time while this units frame is slightly larger giving you the ability to add a larger pressure washer, a bigger hose reel, and even an optional fresh water hose reel. Our detail 200 skids can be outfitted with additional options such as electric start and come standard with commercial grade wands, triggers, hoses, and chemical injection. Cougar's Detail 200 is designed to fit between the wheel wells of pickup trucks, vans, and can easily be mounted on trailers. The frame is constructed of 3/16 gauge steel giving it both a rigid and strong platform to work out of. The Detail 200 Skid is outfitted with the most rugged and dependable equipment in the industry. Choose between Landa & Pressure Pro power washing units and Landa, AP and COX commercial grade hose reels.



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